Paris 2022

I am a software engineer and engineering leader with a technical background in server, web, and mobile application development fielding over 17 years of experience. I collaborate with different teams’ needs to provide exceptional customer experience. While working with designers, products owners, vendors, executives, project managers, and others I endure to embrace cutting edge software, server, web, and mobile technologies keeping an eye on usability, security, and scalability. It’s fantastic to be able to bring rich, interactivity to millions of mobile and web users while also pushing the limits of those technologies.

From me you can expect to have engineered dependable software solutions with a proven track record of successful, well architected, and deployed applications as an individual engineer and/or as a lead or manager planning for and overseeing projects and teams, local and distributed at companies large or small.

Right now

I’m currently working as a Principal Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft in Prague, the Czech Republic having worked at Pokémon, Disney, ArenaNet, Amazon, and several Seattle area startups. For more information on my previous endeavors, download my resumé, email me at moc.liamg@kedarhm, or check out my LinkedIn profile.


  • led team, architected, and launched a multi-tenancy, highly available, highly scalable, distributed micro-services platform across multiple data centers for truly inclusive, global game play supporting 100M+ monthly active users
  • brought mobile commerce to Disney parks through Tickets Sales, Photo Pass, Shop Disney, and other highly visible and successful park features
  • brought mobile to Disney Cruise Lines by bringing the onboard chat, onboard services, and mobile offline caching to create a stellar experience for cruisers
  • built from the ground up Best Buy’s engineering technology center in Seattle establishing mobile, services, test, and project management teams and best practices
  • designed and built several client SDKs at several Seattle area startups and companies to promote product adoption and ease services integration
  • consistently building and leading strong teams who excel in engineering and continued growth through a best practice driven, servant-leader approach to leadership


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